Saturday, May 7, 2011

I couldn't think of anywhere I would've rather been, to watch it all burn away.

Since high school, bonfires at my house have been a tradition. We have a cinderblock fire pit that sits full through the winter, waiting for school's end. Most of my friends aren't home yet but we decided we'd have the first fire of the year, anyway. Dad mowed the grass, I cleaned the house. Friends showed up with jumbo (read: HUGE) marshmallows, graham crackers, lemonade and birthday cake.

It was a small group but we made the most of it. If you've never played The Game of Things, I highly suggest it. Someone reads a que card, everyone writes a response - you try and guess who wrote what. Simple? yes. Funny? too.

Things you shouldn't do on your desk.
... shook's mom
... play hopscotch
... your teacher

Things you would do if you had superhuman powers.
... use my xray vision to look through women's clothes
... walk on water
... stretch body parts

You get the idea.

Aiden tried to keep up with the fun but after a half-a-dozen of roasted jumbo marshmallows, he found out that he rather curl up on the couch and wait as Nikki roasted him another marshmallow.

As it turned out, our bonfire was actually a make shift birthday party. Somehow, I have two friends with the same birthday and happened to have a bonfire on that very day. Didn't plan to but we celebrated anyway with birthday cake and burning a couch.

Lighting candles was... a problem. Despite the bonfire being started, no one had a lighter. We desperately tried to reach in the fire with the candle - fail. We set a marshmallow on fire and tried to light the candle from it.. less of a fail. We tried to put a candle in the marshmallow and stick the entire thing in the fire... then momma Lake showed up. With a lighter.

Happy Birthday, Justin! (and you too, Kyle!)
And directions to not burn the couch. We listened for twenty minutes, until mom was in bed and dad was yelling that the couch needed burned. So onto the fire it went.

But as the fire burned down and all that was left was the couch's frame, we called it a night. We drug blankets inside, filled bags with trash and leftover food, said our goodbyes and I crashed, into bed.. where I've been ever since. Ah, summer time feels so good.


  1. Things looked great Jen, glad the summer is coming around and everyone can enjoy themselves with friends around the bon fire :)

  2. wasnt it shocks mom?

  3. Loos like a good time was had by all