Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Exploring | Tent Rocks

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When the New Mexico wind blows, it sweeps the sand from the desert, the dust from the roads, and the tumbleweeds from the fields. Our adventuring souls are carried on the gust as if they were part of the desert itself. 
Spring weekends find us blown to nearby places, places that leave us feeling lost, looking around at a world that seems unfamiliar. Views so grand, so expansive, that they don't seem to be of the Earth we know.
Sunday's winds carried us to the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks for afternoon hiking, a few warm hours in the sun, and a view from what seemed to be the top of the world. With sneakers full of sand and a bag weighed down from the picnic packed inside, we trekked nearly three miles through canyons and rock formations, braving a steep 630ft climb to the top of the mesa. 
We drove home with sun kissed shoulders, windburnt cheeks and a respect for all that can be created and destroyed in seven million years.


  1. That place looks amazing!!! Beautiful photography too!

    1. It's incredible to think that the earth's movements created such a beautiful place. It's a nice easy hike, too. A new favorite!