Monday, April 8, 2013

An Unplanned Afternoon

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Sometimes things don't turn out as planned.
Sometimes they turn out better.

All throughout the week, we set our sights on a weekend hiking trip. With a forty-two hour work schedule, and five o'clock alarm wake ups, the thought of a three day weekend was the only thing getting me through.

We woke this morning, eager to leave. Errands were ran, sunscreen was applied, and a picnic lunch was packed. We folded down seats, loaded Buddy into the truck, and set out for Kasha-Ketuwe Tent Rocks - another location on my New Mexico bucket list.

But, as I said, things don't always turn out as planned. We arrived at the gate to be turned away - as dogs are apparently no longer welcome on land management grounds. A real shame for the dog who was perhaps looking forward to the hike more than we were.

Rather than look at the trip as a loss, we took advantage of the sunny weather, and our Monday off, spending our afternoon alongside a windy but quiet Cochiti Lake. We ate picnic sandwiches; Buddy indecisively walked in and out of the cold water, debating an early season swim.

And, for a moment, I almost forgot we were in the desert.


  1. aww that stinks it didn't work out! your pup still looks like he had a fun time :)

    1. He loved it, indeed! He reallllly wanted to go for a swim. I've always heard that pit bulls aren't great swimmers but ours is a fish!