Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 6.

My little brother is growing up too fast. Parents always said that, "she's getting so big, so fast!" or grandmothers "I remember, he was just little yesterday" but I was never able to wrap my mind around that delusion of time, until Aiden.

I remember waiting in the hospital waiting room, eating a pizza hut pizza admist a room of anxious families, hoping Aiden would soon be born, so we could go home.

This year, Aiden embarks on a journey that is commonly called "kindergarden" but should really have a more complex name like "your-little-brother-is-leaving-you-to-meet-a-new-best-friend-one-actually-his-age-and-in-the-meantime-change-his-view-of-his-world," but that'd be a mouthfull, and so kindergarden it is.

Last week, Ryan and I took Aiden to play mini-golf at our favorite place. I've been golfing at "Pirate's Putting Cove" since I was in elementary school, and now Aiden is carryin on the tradition. The best part? Shaved ice with marshmallow topping. And, it's gluten-soy-milk free too.

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It seems like just weeks ago that Aiden couldn't play miniature golf. He never seemed to have the patience for it - instead he'd play in the water which winds through the course, knocking his ball into the stream on purpose, so he'd have a reason to retrieve it. And now, look at how big he's grown.

Look at his hair. He's so grown up for his age - I haven't decided if that's a good thing.. or a bad one. But that brings me to Aiden & I's latest adventure, Kindergarden Orientation.

Aiden's elementary principal was my sixth grade geography teacher. Fresh out of college, I was his first class of students. Sean, my brother, was in Mr.Lehman's sixth grade class when my little aideroo was born. Now, Mr.Lehman has two children of his own and a bald head.

Peering through the tiny, smudged windows my own elementary school's cafeteria's window, I saw an imposing, intimidating man standing behind a podium. Turns out Mr.Lehman had shaved his head - as if his 7 foot height wasn't intimidating enough. (Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit..?)

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