Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 3.

I need to be better about writing here - I have so many beautiful moments to share with the world.

Today is beautiful becasue I have been allergy-free for an entire week, and my mom & Ryan have been so wonderfully supportive.

For anyone wondering, that means that I'm no longer eating any wheat, gluten, oats, soy, milk, or peanuts. And yes, there is plenty that I can eat. (I know, I would have never thought so either)

What this means is that I've been spending way too much time at the health food store and in the few beautiful aisles of Giant filled with organic, natural, allergy-free food. Natural Choices on Industrial Hwy. in York is my personal pick. All the ladies eat gluten-free as well, so they're all SO much help. It also means that I'm living out of an obsure kitchen cabinet, off one measly refridgerator shelf, and I have my own special toaster. But last night, my wildest dream came true - I went out to eat with Ryan. Issac's Deli is incredible. They have gluten-soy-dairy free flat-bread and made a beautiful chicken, bacon & spinach sandwich on it for me, allergy-free. Well, almost. I got provolone and parmasan cheeses and I cannot begin to describe how delicious they were after a week without cheese. If you know me, you know my favorite foods include anything with cheese - pizza, lasagna, grilled cheese, mac and cheese. This has been an adventure, the stand in the grocery aisle reading the labels of eight different taco seasonings, kind of adventure.

Last night, after dinner, Ryan and I stopped at Giant to pick up a few things. Walking into the aisle, there was a family of four (with two carts) blocking our way to what we needed. After patiently waiting for a few moments, the little boy (who was 2) pointed at us, and the family scooted out of our way. His mom said jokingly "sorry, you can't have any, it's all ours" but what an impression she made on the little boy, who would then not allow us to take anything from the shelves. After some bartering, we were able to grab a 3-pack of taco seasoning. It was then that the little boy said thank you - not only in plain spoken english but in sign language as well. There in that aisle, I remembered why we have to absorb every moment. The little boy quickly showed me all that he knew - thank you, more, you're welcome, drink, the list goes on. I tought he and his mother the words red, blue, and spring. It was easily the most heart-warming moment of my week. Even the little boys baby-sister, Rachel, new more - as her mother slipped her pink binky from Rachel's smiling,giggling, little mouth. After ten minutes of our signed conversations, Ryan and I bid the family a good night and headed for the u-scan (the greatest thing to ever happen to grocery stores).

A beautiful date night it was indeed. I dread losing my boyfriend in two short weeks to the abyss of college life.

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