Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 5.

Today isn't very beautiful.

I guess I should explain the point of this blog because it's integrity was questioned so here it is.. If you find yourself here, reading my not-quite-daily rants, I want you to realize that this blog is honestly a selfish endeavor. I've never been an optimistic person, if there's bad in it, I will see it. But i've had to learn the art of optimism. Yes, it's an art. Yes, you can learn it. I watch Kasey and Ava go through treatment and I've realized, I have to be positive - If Kasey can spend weeks in the hospital and draw rainbows, telling Stacey the sun will soon shine. And yet, I spend my time whining.. And I have the world. So this is why I blog. The best way to learn is from your past, you can't change who you are in the future it you don't know who you were in the past.

I've blogged for years - I could link you to blogs over six years old but they're nothing you'd like to read. They're negative, depressing, pessimistic. Even this blogger started that way. I know "day 1" was days ago but it wasn't really day 1. I'm starting over - I don't want to fall into the same old trap.

I say this as I sit in an orientation speaker who just said "be better today than you were yesterday."

So this is it. That's why this blog exists. This blog is for me. It's a photo of my life - and you take photos of beautiful things. Enjoy it or don't - the choice is yours.

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