Monday, January 27, 2014

Project Life | 03


While I finished this spread last weekend, the start of classes (and a dislike for my original photos) caught me by surprise so Week 3 is just finding it's way here. If you don't want to wait, you can follow along with my Project Life progress on Instagram.

I'm still not happy with this week's photos but after several attempts, I have decided to just post them. I would love your advice on how to best photograph Project Life pages, though.

My favorite photo this week? Buddy peaking his head over the kitchen wall, his new favorite place to be.

Left //

Unlike previous week's, this spread includes no photos of Miesha and instead, features photos of our other puppy child. While the lighting didn't turn out great for either photo on the right, I couldn't pass up the fact that we were making the same face.

Keeping with the dog theme, I included two funny conversations from this week. On the left, a Facebook message from my friend Kim, telling me she dreamt that Miesha Wolves were indeed real. On the right, a capture from the never-ending group text message.

Right //

This week I said hello to a few things - new glasses and a new office. I have been looking for a chance to use the 4x6 card from my Midnight Edition Core Kit and this seemed like the perfect page.

On the left hand side of this spread, I included photos of my new office space which I hope to share on the blog this week. I know that we won't be in this home forever so I am trying to include little snapshots of our space. (Plus, if you know anything about Trevor, you know our house looks different even from one week to the next.)

I also included an Instagram snapshot and a blog comment about my Project Life spreads. Sweet words from Caylee Grey, Rachel of Big City Quiet and Tracy of The Single Girl's Scrapbook truly made my week and I had to find a way to include my excitement. If you couldn't tell, I'm really loving this project.

On the right, I documented my new frames from Coastal. A fellow photographer friend, Ashley, snapped some photos of me to be included on theLOOK, Coastal's style blog. The feature isn't up yet, but I will stop back to share when it's published. I filled a 3x4 pocket with some memorabilia from my Style Ambassador kit and stapled in one of my referral cards, too.


  1. You are such a beautiful person and I am so glad that I have digitally met you.

    The photo of your Buddy is my favourite too. I also love the lighting in the right photos. It adds a special feeling to it. I am forever envious of the way people are able to capture light in a photograph, and it totally looks like it was on purpose. I'm really loving your black and white.

    As for the PL photographing, there's nothing wrong with yours. You could include close-ups of parts that are special to you if you'd like. I know some people take their cards out of the pockets, but I don't. I get mine in front of a large window. In German winter I opened the window / door and froze my toes off for ten minutes because winter light is quite bluey. If it's summer then a sheer curtain works well to soften harsh light. Food photography tips are quite good because they try keep the white balance close to how our eyes see it.
    Sometimes it's tough to keep the glare off the plastic of the protectors. I just move around until my reflection is no longer in them.
    I love a good decent background. Plain white table, or wooden floors are my faves.
    I also like taking my sleeves out, but I think this year I'm going to leave them in the album.
    And then straight from the top, holding as still as I possibly can and trying not to get my feet in.
    No flash. No focal point because I don't want blur.

    I always use my big camera because it's clearer. It's hard to keep dead still to get everything clear. Tracy uses her iPhone and I have no idea how she does it.

    If everything's rubbish I try fix with Photoshop, but that doesn't always work and then I need a 24 hour break before I try again.

    That's what I do. It's not necessarily right, but I'm okay with it. You can see that I shot my title page in someone else's house without a white desk, wooden floors, or decent sunlight. I'm waiting until we move into our new place (THIS WEEKEND) to retake that photo. My ultimate goal is to have all my 2013 pages with the same background, and all the 2014s with their own background too. Moving countries has thwarted this goal, but I am determined.

    1. Caylee, you are so so sweet and such a huge inspiration to me each week. I couldn't help but to include your sweet comments in this week's spread. I am also inspired by your flexibility in moving from country to country. I don't think I'd ever be able to keep up with a PL!

      Thank you for the advice! I photographed week 2 and week 3 (the first time) with my cards out of the pocket but how time consuming. I've realized my wood is too dark and I don't like the look of carpet though other ladies pull it off so well. I will have to get creative with a background. I love the idea of doing each week on the same background for consistency!

  2. I love this. Always love seeing your posts of these on instagram! p.s. love the new website design.

    1. You are too sweet! You should consider Project Life to document your new married life in Texas. It is SO fun.

  3. So, I take my spreads out of the binder and put them on a piece of white posterboard (from the $ store) and set that next to my front door. I open the door and turn off the lights and I can generally get a good shot that way. I think having a white background makes my spreads look better. I love your PL! (I'm @emilyprojectlife on IG - I follow you there too!)

    1. I have been considering white foam board to photograph them against - I will have to try that this week. Thank you for the advice AND for your sweet words!