Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hello, New Office!

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When I shared my Project Life spread yesterday, you got a sneak peek of my new office space. But, what those photos didn't show was the location of the new office.

My new office is in a closet.

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When we decided to rent our house, we were thrilled to have an extra bedroom at the front of the house. Since our families (and many of our friends) live out of state, we loved the idea of having a guest room but without an extra bed, the room quickly became an unorganized office and a workout space, elliptical and all. The room's spacious closet was slowly filled with boxes of things we had no place for. Craft supplies. Trevor's CD collection. (Yes, he still keeps his CDs). Winter clothes too warm for New Mexico.

Then, I received Michael's first of the year flyer and I had a brilliant idea. An office in a closet. At first, I didn't think it would work, and I certainly didn't think Trevor would be a fan. Clearly, I was wrong about both.

We ordered new furniture, a surprisingly perfect fit for the space, and deep cleaned the closet. Purging clothes we would never wear, and properly storing everything else in the garage, where I wouldn't have to look at it any longer.

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Here is a breakdown of what we used to make this little space happen:
IKEA Linnmon Tabletop in Birch // $19.99
IKEA Adils Legs in Silver // $14.00
Recollections 5-Drawer Rolling Letter Press // $55 with a 40% storage sale
Desk Lamp from Target // $8.48 on clearance
Cork Board // $5 (at our local Wal-mart)
Belkin Commercial Surge Protector //$10.09

Everything else in the space was something I had already had. The pencil cups and magazine holders were from IKEA, while I purchased the painted wooden boxes from my friend Mandie a few months ago. The office chair was a local Goodwill find for only $4. The top shelf was already in the closet and makes for a great place to store textbooks and binders, as well as my Project Life album and sewing machine.

I  downloaded this calendar from Jasmine Dowling and hung it on a wooden clipboard for added interest. The print to the right of it is from Eva Black Design.

For a total of $112.47, I ended up with a space that I love. A space with plenty of room for school work and crafting. Better yet, it all tucks away behind doors to keep paper-eating puppies out, and to allow room for that guest room we are still dreaming of.

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