Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ten on Tuesday | Fitness Gear

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Guys, it's almost swim suit season.
The good news is that I live in a land locked state far from any beaches.
The bad news is.. well, that I'm far from any beaches.

Though I likely won't sport a bikini many times this Summer, I always feel motivated to work out this time of year. I've never been one for sports but Spring time usually means a few games of tennis, yoga workouts, and hours spent at the gym. 

When we moved to Rio Rancho, we joined what is possibly the world's most awkward gym. I really wish I was kidding but who knew that so many aspiring body builders could live in one small city? Worse yet,  they all belong to the same gym.

This weekend, we got an elliptical for the house which means fewer hours feeling intimated at the gym. While that means I could also work out in just about anything, I am in dire need of new workout clothes.

In case you're in the same predicament, I thought I might share some of my fitness favorites. While just about any leggings, tank tops, and sports bras will do, I am devoted to Saucony sneakers. During my first trip to Phoenix, I purchased my first pair (also in orange). Now, two years later, they're due for replacing and these are next on my list. 

Other fitness products that you can't take away from me include my Manduka yoga mat, which is perfectly cushioned and non-slip (an important quality for hot yoga), and my Intak water bottle

While I have never tried using a fitness tracker or heart rate monitor, they are definitely on my wish list. Relying on the treadmills heart rate monitor is faulty at best and while I may have gotten an accurate reading last week thanks to the cardiologist's 24-hour holter monitor.. I think this watch is definitely more stylish and discrete. 

So tell me, what are your must have fitness items? 

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