Monday, May 27, 2013

Because of the Brave

Today is a day not set aside for barbecues, swimming pools or starting summer celebrations. Today is a day set aside for remembering those who have lost their lives fighting for our country, to honor those who have defended our country in the past, and to support those who continue to fight for it now.

Today is a day to remember that we live in the land of the free, because of the brave.

I am lucky to live with this guy - a veteran - a guy who gave two years of his life to jumping out of, as he would call them, "perfectly good" airplanes. I am honored to be able to hear his stories and thankful that he is here with me now. Each week, I send e-mails across the oceans to my brother, my brother who is aboard a boat for nearly a year as part of his service to the Marines. I feel so lucky to have these two, and fortunate that they have served our country without having to make the greatest sacrifice - the loss of their lives.

So many others are not so fortunate.
Many have lost family and friends, brothers and uncles, grandfathers or great grandfathers.

Between burgers and cold beers, please take a moment today to thank those who have protected and continue to protect our country, and to remember the veterans who have lost their lives in and out of the course of duty. Take a moment to realize how truly blessed we are, that others give of their lives so that we may live in peace and in freedom.

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