Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ten on Tuesday | at Target

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I have a confession to make: I have spent the past few weeks throwing my entire closets worth of clothes on the floor in frustration. Poor Trevor has had to toss sweaters and leggings aside in an effort to find a pair of socks, Buddy has made himself comfortable in a nest of scarves and tank tops.

Moving from a place where it is winter nine months of the year to a place where it is sunny and seventy daily has meant a severe wardrobe challenge. While I should be wearing sandals and dresses, skirts and summer hats, my closet is only filled with sweaters, sweaters, boots, and more sweaters.

Last week I even spent three hours shopping. Three hours at four different stores.
If you know me, you know this is an accomplishment.

I went in hopes of finding some new tops suitable for graduate school classes and my project assistantships. Instead, I left with new black leggings, two skirts, two pairs of jeans, a pair of hot pink pants, and a pair of floral print leggings. While I may have gotten the deal of the century (I only spent $50!), my wardrobe is still suffering because, well, the sweater problem hasn't been solved.

If you know of any fabulous and summery tops for sale, help a girl out.
I'm dying over maxi skirts and cropped tops this season, but who isn't?

After my failed in-store shopping trip, I thought some online browsing was in order. While I was looking for tops, I got a little distracted and instead put together this Ten on Tuesday list for you. Everything pictured here is from Target with much of it sold in stores. Lately I've fallen in love with some many items pictured on other blogs.. only to realize that they are much out of my price range. I can't be the only one who can't afford a $350 tote, right? 

Oh, and confession number two? I still haven't bought sunglasses (though you can enter to win a pair here).

Other items on my wish list right now include wedge sandals, scarves in every color and some bold jewelry. Plus, I need a new bag to carry books and binders - after all, I'm starting school in three weeks. 

So tell me, what is your favorite trend this season? Any favorite stores or sales I should know about?

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