Friday, May 24, 2013

Our Home

Every week, I write a post promising that this little space will be back to normal the next week. Then, the next week comes and I'm overwhelmed with the same monotonous routine that I've been stuck in for much of May. I'm itching for the calendar to turn to June. I'm anxiously awaiting a long birthday weekend for the guy I love and the end to hours of commuting and long days. I'm hoping that June holds more adventures, longer weekends weekends, and more blog posts than May.

This space has been quiet, not because I haven't had things to say, but because I haven't found time to organize my thoughts or to photograph much of anything. This week, I promised myself that a post would be written. Somehow. About something. Ten on Tuesday seemed a great place to start but then Tuesday faded into Wednesday.. Wednesday quickly filled with meetings.. and soon Wednesday was Thursday. Thursday had its own agenda full of doctors appointments and laundry, a house to clean and a closet to organize. And at five o'clock, with a sparkling home and a moment to breath, I remembered what I had forgotten to share with you.

Our new home.


I suppose I hadn't taken the time to share photos because well, we are in an in between stage. Our home is furnished and full, yet we continue to rearrange and reorganize. What I mean to say is that this isn't a finished product (I hope that will have more color) and it is likely that our home won't remain this way for long.. but I decided that it was worth it to capture it now.


Our home is filled with sentimental pieces. Artwork painted by friends and family, furniture from Trevor's grandparents home on Bethany Beach. The things we purchased when decorating our living room include the couch, the rug, and the wooden bookshelves. Everything else in the room has been part of one of our lives for quite some time. Next to our couch sits a stool painted by Trevor's mom when he was a child. Now, it holds drinks and laptops. Our coffee table, a consigned find that Trevor has moved across the country twice.


On bookshelves, movies and mementos are stacked. Photo albums from Paris. Vintage cameras from my parents. Cookbooks from restaurants in Santa Fe, New Zealand. Thrift store coffee table books on topics like Life in America and Death Cab for Cutie. A guide to peakbagging in Montana from sweet friends. The plant my mom had delivered on the day we moved in.


In two short months, many things have happened in our home. We've had our first family visitors, our first friend to sleep on the couch.. the same couch we've moved three times. We became the proud owners of a kitchen table, a real wooden kitchen table. In two months, we've had two different bedrooms and fifteen different ideas for decorating the living rooms only bare wall. We've moved artwork and failed to find curtains. We've made a list of priorities "buy a couch. hang curtains. buy a bird house." only to scribble it out and reorder it.


This little house really does feel like home.


  1. Love your coffee table :)
    Such a cozy little home!! Such a good feeling.

    1. Cozy, indeed! Our coffee table is Trevor's favorite thing, too. He used to work moving furniture with his brother and spotted this at the consignment store one day.. It's been his since.