Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ten on Tuesday | Seasonal Teas

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It should come as no surprise that come fall, I am all about hot tea - especially loose leaf tea. When I received this awesome tumbler (and a whole selection of teas!) for my birthday, it only fueled my obsession. Now, I can brew tea by the cup, while at work. Not only that but the tea stays hot for hours. May I suggest penciling one of these onto your Christmas list?

I know it's still early so instead of a "teas I'd like to find in my stocking" list, I thought I'd share with you some seasonal choices that I'm really looking forward to. These all come from three favorite companies - Teavana, Mightly Leaf and David's Tea. If you want to know more about the flavors or you want to send me some for my stocking, you can do so by clicking the links above!

Of the tea's shown, I've only tried the Masala Chocolate Truffle tea from Mighty Leaf, and the Sumarai Chai Blend that came as a sample with my tumbler from Teavana. From my recommendation, you can deduce that they were both delicious! I think the chocolate truffle is my new favorite! I will need to order some more tea soon and I can't wait to try to Toasted Marshmallow. Though, with -2 degree weather (and two feet of snow) projected, I'd be happy with any of the above.

So tell me, what is your favorite seasonal beverage? Are you a fan of loose leaf tea?


  1. Silly question:
    I'm not a coffee fan. I smell it, and it doesn't taste at all as what it smells like (e.g. french vanilla); it still tastes coffee-y.
    Do these teas taste remotely like their flavour?

    1. Not silly at all! Like you, I am not a fan of coffee and I can never sense the flavors, either. With loose leaf teas, it's much different. If you click through and look at their ingredients, they often contain pieces of whatever the flavor is. For instance, I just had a soothing strawberry oolong tea from Teavana and it has big pieces of dried strawberry. I haven't had many of these flavors yet but the chocolate truffle chai from David's tea really does taste like chocolate! I think the main difference I that coffee is just infused with flavors, whereas loose leaf teas actually contain whole pieces of fruit, or real vanilla beans, etc. in the mix. Hopefully that makes sense!