Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ten on Tuesday: Office Inspiration

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This little Montana home has a lot of nooks and crannies that I have taken over as work space over the past few weeks - our secondary kitchen table, the steps at our backdoor, the actual office. Unfortunately, the “actual office” also consists of construction materials storage, and currently serves as my closet thanks to the help of a garment rack and some storage bins. This makes it the least ideal place to get anything done. Plus, we’ve currently got a wooden kitchen table as a desk and it is littered with paperwork, strange knick-knacks and piles upon piles of unorganized supplies. If you know me, you know how this simply doesn’t work.

In addition to our little house, the property features a two room cabin that we affectionately call “the mother-in-law”, and a garage as well. Over the past week or so, Trevor has taken on the garage as his man cave, with plans for dart boards, outdoor carpeting and a heavy boxing bag. I’ve since decided that I want my own office for school work, photography work and crafting. I’m a visual person who needs plenty of wall space to hang photographs, lists and calendars - but at the same time, I need a clean, clutter-free and organized space. It’s all about balance.

As soon as our bathroom project is complete, we plan to repaint the “mother-in-law” and put in a finished floor. While one room will serve as guest sleeping quarters, I’m hoping to turn the other half into an office space at one end and a sitting area with couches and a coffee table at the other. With Trevor’s mom planning to make a visit in October, we’re starting to feel the time crunch of getting things in order.

If you know me, this is needless to say, but back-to-school is my favorite time of year. It’s not that I enjoy going back-to-school (and with five summer classes, I really haven’t taken a break) but I love picking out new notebooks, buying new pens, organizing my binders, and finding the perfect planner. My boyfriend doesn’t see the fun in any of this and refuses to wander the back-to-school aisles of Wal-mart with me, so instead, I’ve been doing some online office planning.

So tell me, do you prefer an organized office or a messy desk?

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