Friday, August 24, 2012

Snapshots: Summer Lovin'

It’s been quiet here this week. No Ten on Tuesday. No What I Ate Wednesday. Quiet.
You’ll have to forgive me, we’ve been too busy soaking up the last of our Montana summer.
(And the first real break from school-work for me in over a year, but don’t worry, classes start Monday.)

To celebrate, we spent last Friday night having dinner at the Montana Club (complete with huckleberry iced tea, yum!).
And a double date to the Silver Bow Drive In for a funny movie.
(Plans we will repeat tonight - only with a different restaurant, a different couple and a different movie.)

I also enjoyed a blistering hot afternoon and a chilly evening on the banks of Silver Lake last weekend.
And here in Montana, lake nights mean bonfires with friends and “family", peanut butter cup s’mores and play dates with my three-year-old, Kaleb.

Of course the rest of our week hasn’t been as fun-filled or exciting - though it has thankfully been perfectly warm and sunny. 
We’ve kept busy working on the house in anticipation of Trevor’s family visiting - planting succulents, cleaning out the garage, fun things like that.
And I’ve spent hours each day filling out employment applications, printing resumes, answering phone calls and picking out the right outfit for the seemingly endless list of job interviews. (Keep your fingers crossed for me? I’m putting all my hopes into being hired as a preschool teacher.)

But today, after one last interview for the week, I decided to treat myself.
I spent the morning at Goodwill (which somehow carries a large selection of Target items, new with tags, at less than half price).
Ate frozen yogurt for lunch, and brought Starbucks home to my boys.. though it’s not like Buddy cared.

For now though, we’re headed to enjoy a Friday date night before Trevor heads back to work tomorrow and I’m left with a list of chores, piles of homework and more job interviews to complete.

We hope you’re able to soak up some of the last of summer this weekend, too.

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