Sunday, August 12, 2012

Eide Magazine

“The word ‘eide' is the plural form of the word ‘eidos,' literally meaning 'something that is seen.’
Plato used this word in his writings to mean ‘the essence of culture’."

It’s no secret that I love to read but since I’ve developed such a passion for photography, I’ve come to prefer reading blogs and magazines. I find myself frustrated and bored with large chunks of text - let’s blame college, shall we? My interest is kept more easily with beautiful photographs, illustrations and areas of color.

I’ve been working on compiling a blog roll to share with you but it seems that my collection grows each day. My three hour run at the gym is also time to read and it’s difficult to find enough material to consuming that much time each week. I’ve read every issue of Allure and O Magazine that my gym has - most dated in 2011 - and my magazine subscription to Glamour ended just before my trip to Montana. While I do get the Wall Street Journal each day, our Montana post office prefers to deliver them in groups of four or five at a time and by then, I’ve already caught up on the business news I need because really, let’s face it - I’m twenty, I live in Montana and I don’t have any stock investments.

While catching up on my favorite blogs last week, I came across this post, which talked about a new-to-me national independent magazine that’s based out of Atlanta. Like most of the blogs I read, Eide Magazine features art, music, design, and creative writing. As Tova Gelfond, the magazine’s founder, explained, “we don’t tell our readers what they should like. We look to them to have this interactive dialogue so we can figure out what is important to them and transform it into a story that is really meaningful to them.”

“I felt there was this void in the story telling and in the visuals that went with them."
Evidently, Tova Gelfond’s mission of having an open dialogue has succeeded since the magazine has grown to more than 60,000 Twitter followers in just seven months. Perhaps more interestingly, as the magazine explains, these readers range from old to young, corporate to creative, shallow to profound, selfish to philanthropic. This dynamic culture is one of the reasons why I was drawn to the magazine. Reading blogs, it becomes obvious that many fit into a “niche,” with the readers falling into the same category - DIYers, creatives, moms, photographers, fashionistas. And while I enjoy being able to read blogs across this wide spectrum of interest, I found it refreshing to see these unique passions joined into a single publication.

“People are not one dimensional. So, guess what? Neither is eide."

In order to provide these wide range of content, the magazine seeks out collaborators from all over the country - and unfortuantely, this effort is costly. They feature up-and-coming writers, unique artists, budding photographers, and innovative designers and soon they hope to feature these passionate individuals in a hard-cover Eide “Best Of” Print Edition.

But to make this happen, the magazine needs our help. I’m here to encourage you to not only spend the time to read the latest edition but to help support a publication that is working to distinguish itself as innovative, thought provoking and fresh - a much welcomed change from the over priced news stand publications concerning celebrity gossip or the latest trends that you and I can’t possibly afford to wear.

From now through August 20th, Eide will be participating in a kickstarter program to fund not only a hard-cover print edition but also bi-monthly editions of Eide brought straight to your iPad. The minimum goal for this effort is $25,000 but as donations grow, so does the magazines offerings. At $50,000, an iPhone app. At $100,000, a free monthly iPad subscription for all donors.

But, these goals cannot be met without the help of readers like you. The movers and shakers of the lifestyle world. The readers who aren’t content unless their thoughts are provoked and their thirst for culutre quenched. So, what do you say?

I was contacted by Eide Magazine to provide you with information about their Kickstarter program but as always, I would never promote a cause, product or organization that I did not believe in or personally enjoy. If you are interested in having a review of your product or cause featured here, please e-mail me

All photographs and video provided courtesy of Eide Magazine.

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