Sunday, July 17, 2011

You were only waiting for this moment to arise.

I've always had an affinity for blackbirds - namely from the Beatles song. Lately, I feel like I'm living it. In three weeks time, my life has changed completely. I feel incredibly blessed, excited and above all else? nervous. Three weeks ago, I wasn't sure how to move on. Now? I'm in the process of apartment hunting, car shopping, and class scheduling at a new school... at the same time.

If you've been wondering why this poor space has been so under appreciated lately - there is your answer. But I promise, I have a lot to share.

After all, in the midst of all of the above - my life is filled with countless hours of work, menu design, spending time with friends near and (unfortunately) far. Plus, I've been thrilled to have my own photography jobs coming in like the fun couples session I shot with Lindsey and Ben, a shoot with a fellow photographer for his website, and another upcoming senior portraits session.

Photography has provided me with much needed stress relief. And outdoor shoots of my own, and at DAT, has even provided me with a bit more of a tan... as my season pass for the pool sits unused in my wallet. Oops. Still, taking a few hours to shoot portraits of great people is always more relaxing than a day at the side of the crowded pool and when those people are friends? It's even better.

If you'd like to see all of their portraits, you can watch a slideshow here!

I did manage to take a mini-break Thursday for a good night with a good friend before my packed-to-the-brim Friday. Somehow I worked a lunch shift, did my laundry, shot Todd's photos, went on my first motorcycle ride and ate dinner with my entire family, Tony, my Uncle Larry from Texas and Todd at Texas Roadhouse, another first.

And just when I thought that was a busy enough day? I came home from dinner to put away laundry, work on a photo edit and pack to leave first thing in the morning for a much needed weekend of retail therapy and girl talk with my best friend. The only bad part.. the fact that four hours and $35 worth of turnpike tolls separate us. And we never get more than a day or two together. Truth be told, the twenty four hours together is well worth the 8 hours of driving and turnpike tolls any day. Plus, I scored quite a deal of "really skinny" dress pants at GAP.. $4.50. Seriously.

Between all these busy days, I really haven't slept much & as it's getting late - that's all for now. Don't worry though.. a full week of apartment visits, car inspections, Millersville visits and fun plans awaits. I'm sure you'll hear all about it, soon enough.


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