Saturday, July 2, 2011

And I don't know how to be something you miss.

It's been quite the week. 

For the first time in a long time, I had a free Friday night. A night without work or plans of any sort. The whole day, actually - minus three hours of toddler pedicures and mermaid fashion shows. And after two days of college problems, applications and apartment hopes, I needed it.

With my best friend on her way to North Carolina and Ryan in State College, I was scrambling for plans. The afternoon was easy enough to fill with cleaning and laundry. There's nothing worse than coming home from vacation to a to-do list.

Aiden has been on my case all week about our lack of time spent together, so I knew Friday night would be all his. We planned on going to the drive-ins but when we realized we couldn't find any chairs and likely couldn't stay awake for both movies, we abandoned our plan for dinner, shopping and a movie.

Thankfully, there are a few restaurants in the area that can accommodate my food allergies. My favorite being Isaac's - the gluten-free flatbread is to die for. Aiden loved it too. After all, they gave him crayons and a maze, dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and even an ice cream sundae.

My wardrobe was seriously lacking shorts and so I knew that sneaking in a shopping trip was unavoidable before our vacation. After all, there are fewer places hotter (or more humid, yuck) than Missouri on the Fourth of July. The weather channel website's home page has done a great job reminding me of that.

Thankfully, I found adorable jean shorts at Forever 21 - without a $25 price tag. Forever 21 is hands down my favorite place to shop. The only problem is that it seems to go in cycles - when I have time and money to shop, I can't find anything cute in the entire store. When I don't? Everything is adorable, reasonably priced and begging to be bought. Last night, I could have shopped for hours - if I didn't have a 9:00 movie to catch. A movie that was spent with a bin of popcorn the size of Aiden, a huge soda and six really adorable penguins.

It was a good way to spend a Friday night.

Now today? Today is filled with last minute packing, a trip to the grocery store, a return to make at Target and a night of work... not the most ideal Saturday.

But tomorrow? Tomorrow we board a plane leaving Harrisburg for Kansas City at six o'clock in the morning and from there its five days of vacation. (even if it is being spent in the middle of nowhere, in the July heat).

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