Sunday, September 30, 2012

Foodie Pen Pals: September

As much as I loved my July and August packages, this one was probably my favorite. As you can see, the exotic vegetable chips and chocolate bar didn't even last long enough for a proper photograph!

If you haven't heard about the problem.. Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean organizes a pen pal program where you receive a package of fun foods from one person and send a package of goodies to another! The idea is simple and fun. After all, who doesn't loving getting mail? Especially delicious mail.

This month, I sent a package off to an interior design major at the University of Arkansas and received a package from Heather at What Does She Do All Day? - and how great of a blog name is that? Her blog features stories about her family, home decorating inspiration, crafts, recipes.. the list goes on. Apparently what she does all day is think of great blog posts to write.. or something like that.

As a lover of all things bicycle related, I died over this cute little card! It's from Thirty-One, too and I'm already a sucker for their lunch bags. Also included in my package was the great little photography print shown in the upper right. As a photographer, foodie and francophile, I was smitten with this image that shows a food stand in Provence. It's already found a home on our kitchen wall. According to Heather's sweet card, she picked it up at a local festival - along with the local honey.

Heather knew that I was soon leaving for a weeklong trip to Pennsylvania and she included some great travel snacks in my package. I had seen the dessert flavor gums at the grocery store but honestly, I haven't found myself chewing much gum since I'm not attending college classes. Strange but true. Fortunately, I had this pack for my flight home! As much as I love flying, my ears hate it and of course gum seems to help. I also snacked on two great Fiberful fruit and fiber bars from Trader Joe's - Heather included Apple Blueberry and Fruit & Veggie.

A few other items in the package we haven't quite gotten to yet. Heather also included some chocolate rice milk, her favorite. Unfortunately, the high altitude caused it to explode before arriving to our door so, while it smelled fabulous, I wasn't able to enjoy it but it's on my next grocery list! We're big fans of any type of chocolate beverage. Heather also included some dinner staples. She put a box of Lundberg Risotto (my favorite) in the package and while that alone is great, what's even better is that we haven't yet tried this Garlic Primavera flavor. Heather also included a curry simmer sauce from Trader Joes. Lately we've been on a real curry kick and so this is a great shortcut for the next time we're craving some indian flavor.

Honestly, I was so impressed by this package - it made my own feel inadequate. Heather included such a great mix of foods - good snacks (UGH those vegetable chips! even Trevor loved them), perfect travel treats, some dinner necessities, and that print? So. In. Love. Thanks for the incredible package and early delivery, Heather! I especially loved getting some Trader Joe's treats that we can't find in Montana.

Unfortunately, I'm terribly under the weather from all my travel and now, I'm fighting with the altitude difference. Don't worry though, I'll be back soon to tell you about my wonderful birthday, to share photos of my beautiful best friend and her family and to brag about all the great people I got to spend my week with.


  1. Oh, no! Sorry to hear about the rice milk explosion! I hope it didn't make too much of a mess!! I'm so happy you loved everything else! I had so much fun shopping for you!

    1. No worries - the mess was fairly contained. Nothing a few paper towels couldn't fix! Thank you again for the incredible package. We can't wait to enjoy the rest!

  2. Heather does that to people ;) I call her Supermom on my blog cause well, she is. She's a great friend, I am so glad you had her for a pen pal this month. Love your pictures here by the way, totally beautiful presentation.

  3. I'm so glad to have had Heather as a pen pal! Supermom, for sure! And thank you, I've been struggling with how to photograph these reveal posts but I also liked this format!