Thursday, July 25, 2013

Be Right Back


I no sooner get back to blogging.. and I'm off again. 

I will be back on Monday with stories and photos to share from a long weekend in Salt Lake City. For now, I am on my way to the International Head Quarters for Children's Miracle Network for the 2013 Dance Marathon Leadership Conference. (You can follow along on Instagram!)

This year I will be serving as graduate advisor to the Lobo Dance Marathon executive committee, helping to prepare a dedicated group of students in hosting their first ever Dance Marathon. And so, we are starting off the year, together, with more than eighty other colleges and universities.

I've never been to Salt Lake City - I'd love your suggestions! Things to do? Places to eat?


  1. Have a fantastic time! I can't wait to see how you enjoy SLC - I've never been. Take lots of Instagrams!

    Also, I owe you an email about NYC :)

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog! It's super cute! Just started writing a blog myself! It was fun catching up with you via creeping your blog posts lol