Thursday, June 6, 2013

First Days

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I spent much of the weekend preparing myself for the first day of school. Typical "OMG. its. the. first. day." behavior for someone as Type A and obsessive as me. You had already realized that was the extent of my personality, right? Type A and obsessive? 

Organizing my backpack, purchasing highlighters, getting a haircut, cleaning the house, and struggling over what to wear (I went with hot pink pants, in case you were wondering).

Then, yesterday, as I sat on the bus, the real, public, Albuquerque bus, I felt almost sad to be beginning my graduate career. Not the least bit sad because I didn't want to return to school - or sad because I was terrified of taking the bus alone - but sad because I thought for a moment that this first day of school would be my last.

But, I realized I still had a doctorate degree to begin.
And with that my first day woes were all but gone.

Then, I was handed a camera and the last of my worries disappeared.


  1. great photos and hope that your first day of "school" went well! i know how it can be exciting and nervewracking!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
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    1. It went so so well! Aside from wearing the wrong shoes (a pair of two inch high heels) for a cross campus photography trip.. let's just say, they still haven't recovered!