Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Now my life is sweet like cinnamon.

This week, I've been reveling in puppy love and the fun that comes with "Uncle Trevor."

On Monday, Trevor's family arrived from Pennsylvania - his mom, his sister, and as Trevor will always call her, Baby Shay. Having visitors has meant days of big home-cooked meals, drives up the "mountain", RedBox movies, our favorite gluten free pizza, and lunch breaks together at the Montana Club. In between, there has been a lot of giggling, puppy smothering, and episodes of Dora.

Having visitors has also made me appreciate how we've settled into our new home. It's now Andaconda, and god forbid I have to drive to Safeway (it's only two miles away, people.) I've even taken to calling lollipops, "suckers" and making claims about the weather. Perhaps most surprising? I welcomed last night's snow flurries with open arms and this mornings bitter cold weather with my winter coat and an appreciation for the beautiful place we call home. 

It's interesting how quickly a new place with unfamiliar streets, strange accents and peculiar traits can become home. When you no longer struggle to write the correct zip code, when the area code before phone numbers becomes second nature, when a day with both 70 degree sun and snow flurries no longer feels surprising.

How do you know when a new town, a new house, a new state, has become home?

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