Friday, May 4, 2012

Better Late Than Never

Though Aiden turned seven on April 5th, holiday weekends, school schedules and chilly weather pushed his birthday party back until this Sunday when somehow, things aligned with thirty party guests, sunny weather and the right amount of cupcakes.

After tossing around ideas for a party at Chuck E Cheese or the roller skating rink, we somehow convinced Aiden that an outdoor party would be a better option. He was more easily convinced when we insisted that a Lego theme could be involved. If there's one thing you must understand about Aiden, it's that he goes through obsessive phases. Firetrucks. Army. I was content to throw a Lego party this time around.

Even if doing so meant creating poster board games and three dozen lego themed cupcakes.. during a weekend already filled with completing a six-hundred page marketing research report and another group project. But like they say, you work well under pressure.

And the cupcakes? They were a hit. 
The lego candy on top? Not so much.

Though Aiden would later admit his fears that no one would be at his party, attendance was certainly not a problem. At the last minute, I found myself counting and recounting cupcakes and ice cream dishes, hoping there would be enough. Then, there was a last second trip for bar-b-que chips. But somehow, at the end of a hot-dog feast (Aiden's only real request), there was still food left uneaten.. and cupcakes, too. 

The real problem turned out to be how to sooth the hurt feelings of the seven year old who lost every party game. Or appeasing Aiden when the Hot Chelle Rae Pandora station played something that simply wasn't by Hot Chelle Rae.. And then there was the real problem of Pandora deciding to play every inappropriate song it could muster for our game of Hot Potato.

Thankfully, we were prepared to handle the challenges of the day with a park onsite, fun prizes for those who did win, and an opportunity for silly photos, too.


And in the end, with plenty of friends to share his day with, and plenty of gifts to open afterwards, I don't think Aiden minded the fact that his party was belated by twenty-four days.

After all, it's better late than never.
(Just ask Sean.)

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