Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kite Flying

Easter has never been my favorite holiday. As a kid, I didn't like chocolate, and I most definitely did not like wearing tights, dresses or itchy Easter hats. Needless to say, I didn't look forward to a holiday filled with milk chocolate rabbits and posing for pictures in that uncomfortable attire. As I've gotten older, Easter hasn't really grown on me, either. It seems to be the most low-key of the holidays, and at least Barnes and Noble was open, so I suppose it isn't a terrible holiday. 

This year, I tagged along to an egg hunt with Aiden. Or as he'd more accurately call it, an egg scramble - there's no hunting to do when eggs are just thrown across the grass, or cleverly placed on a picnic table top, just out of reach. Aiden seems to take after me with things like egg hunts - logically deciding where to run first, then spending all that time to gather just a few eggs and at the end, to accidentally dump the few he had from his basket. As the family next to us said, it was just so nice of him to share.

On Sunday, I wasn't home for the grand opening of the Easter basket but I was told that there wasn't much excitement about the whole thing. And hours later, I had to beg Aiden to even come outside to play. We tried catch, frisbee, hula hooping, jump roping. Most of which were unsuccessful.. as I said, he definitely takes after me when it comes to coordination.

Ultimately, the winning toy turned out to be a $2 kite we chose as a last minute addition. I had been craving to fly a kite since my trip to the beach and it turned out to be just as fabulous as I had envisioned it. Yes, it would have been better on the sand, next to the ocean, with no telephone wires to beware of but it was fabulous none the less.

And Aiden seemed to enjoy it, too.

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