Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Fever

It seems that I've got the fever this week. Spring fever, that is. (And maybe one from the newest ailment I seem to have caught but, let's keep it positive.) This week, temperatures in the high seventies have led to crop tops, strappy sandals, afternoons in the hammock and driving with the sunroof open. Plus, did I mention, it's Spring Break? It's been so easy to forget that it's only March, especially when I've had two french vanilla snow cones in the course of one week. (Don't judge me.)

And to top it all off, Trevor made big, juicy bacon cheddar burgers with caramelized onions for dinner, and delicious steak cut sweet potato fries, too. Have I ever mentioned how great it is to have a chef for a boyfriend? Especially one who likes sweet potatoes? Yum.

Anyway, now that I've come out of my food coma, it's on to the point of Spring - I thought I would share with you some of my Spring inspiration for the past week! (Please note, all photographs below belong to their respective owners and you can find the links to the sources in the text section beneath the photos.)

Some Great DIY Inspiration can be found in this how-to for a Floral Antlers Necklace Display over at A Beautiful Mess. And, despite growing sick of looking at spanish moss on our South Carolina trip last week, I'm loving this tiny Flower Pot Necklace from Sincerely, Kinsey - which I must say is my go-to blog of the moment.

Spring is of course known for spring cleaning and this new shop from Dana at Wonder Forest has me inspired to not only clean my own but to add a few new fun clothing pieces and accessories to my collection as well. The first accessory on the list? This gorgeous vintage styled headband from Oh! Sweet Joy.

I've also been constantly inspired by the variety of posts on Jamie Delaine's blog, as usual. In addition to making me want to pick up my camera more, her bedroom makeover has me craving an incredible photo wall like hers. I've been itching for a new look at my apartment and I think this would make a fun addition. I also plan to soon share with you my new vintage camera collection which has finally found a home for display.

And last but not least, I've been, well not inspired, but certainly entertained by a few comedy books over break. I managed to read both My Horizontal Life and Life as I Blow It during the overly long car ride home to Pennsylvania. Sometimes I wish that I led the life of Chelsea Handler but reading her books reminds me of the many reasons why that will never happen. The first, and most important, of which - I'm just not that funny. 

But that being said, it's time to snuggle in on the couch with Trevor and an episode of Big Bang Theory until Chelsea comes on in an hour. I'm learning to like television. I hope you are inspired to do something more creative and productive with your warm spring weather than watching TV!

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