Thursday, March 8, 2012

Snapshots: Family Day

While I typically do a "Ten on Tuesday" list, I thought I'd share some quick instagram photos from the past few days and a list of ten things I learned while at Family Day on Parris Island.

1. My brother found a toy mermaid and carries it in his little plastic wallet.
2. No one has ever been bitten by a rattlesnake on the island.
3. If you shave off your eyebrows, your DI will use a sharpie to draw you new ones day.
4. Marines yell with their stomachs, not their voice - that's why they sound so strange.
5. If you jump up and down or wave to your parents, your DI will beat you in front of them.
6. Being ten minutes early is still being late.
7. While at boot camp, my brother ate 27 packets of peanut butter each day.
8. Apparently, dumping orange gatorade powder on a golden delicious apple is.. well, delicious.
9. Bathrooms are the "head", while showers are the "rain room".
10. Marines only have perfectly made beds because they sleep on top of their sheets - not under them.

At 9:00 tomorrow morning, Sean will officially graduate from Parris Island and we will finally be on our way back to Pennsylvania. (With five of us in a tiny car for a twelve hour drive). But for now, after being woken up multiple times all night and eventually at 5:00 this morning, I'm exhausted and out of things to say. 

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