Thursday, January 12, 2012

Milkshakes & Apple Dumplings

While the real purpose of the Pennsylvania Farm Show may be to teach about what is going on in the world of agriculture in our state, everyone I know goes for the milkshakes, the apple dumplings and occasionally I hear it has something to do with petting an alpaca, watching baby ducks on a slide, or seeing a real rodeo. With a rodeo in my backyard at home, I find myself more enamored with the milkshakes and apple dumplings, if I'm being honest. 

This was Aiden's first visit to the farm show and if you asked him for his favorite parts, the list would likely include riding the shuttle bus, drinking apple cider, watching square dancing and petting the alpacas. (The kid has a thing for alpacas.) 

Despite being too intelligent for the kids map we pressured him to follow and surprisingly brewing a case of walking pneumonia, he was a trooper. He tried not to be rude to the crazy bee lady. He guessed correctly when a man at the apple stand asked him what type of apple was pictured (not that Hana or I would know... but the answer was York.) He placed bets on which color square dancers would win the round. And he only asked "can we leave yet" approximately 642 times that night.

More than anything, the farm show just made me miss Sean. With a Marines tent hosting a pull-up competition, numerous girls wearing pink camouflage sweatshirts (he'd love that, I just know it), guys decked out in hunting boots and wearing real tree hats - it was Sean turned into a huge agricultural celebration.

In case you were wondering, he's gained 15 pounds, got in trouble for drinking chocolate milk at an inappropriate time, is being investigated for a position working for the president, has avoided the plague of pneumonia which is taking over Parris Island and has only managed to write me three letters.

We coped by looking at baby ducks.

Despite the absurd traffic, overcrowded food courts and dusty rodeo arena - we had a good time. It was a much needed visit with my baby brother and best friend, a much desired break from homework, a good way to forget the heart monitor taped to my chest, and a great day to celebrate Aiden's lack of his two front teeth.

He suggested making them into a necklace if anyone's interested.
After all, why else would mom's buy teeth from underneath pillows?


  1. ugh! I'm so jealous, I miss the farm show! Looks like so much fun! Luckly there is a Thursday market at my host school so it made me a little nostalgic.

    1. I guess I had my e-mail set up incorrectly and so I just now saw your comment - oops! I hadn't been to the farm show since sixth grade, I could hardly believe it. But I think that ultimately London would win over the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Besides, markets are the best!