Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Letters To Sean: Half Way

I had to stop to write you a note between dinner, homework and getting ready for bed to tell you that the dreams I've been having, they've only gotten stranger. Last night, I dreamt that I joined the army. The army, Sean. I went to boot camp. I wore a uniform. Then they found out that I had asthma when I tried to climb an obstacle course wall. Of course they kicked me out and then I was in trouble for lying to the U.S. Army. I swear, I'd be less tired if I simply stayed awake rather than running boot camp drills in my sleep. It's all because Trevor made me watch some Vietnam Marine Corps movie last night - the only part I liked was the recruits running in cadence. Those rhymes are too funny. Trevor thinks I should sing them while I run at the gym, perhaps I'd breath better. He says thats the whole point - is it? Sometimes I don't know believe a thing he says, but don't tell him that. The one part reminded me of you though. A recruit was in trouble for sneaking a jelly doughnut in to his barracks. You better be more careful about drinking chocolate milk at the wrong times - Mom told me that you've already been on fire watch for two weeks.

I didn't get a letter from you today but went home to visit. I had to do laundry, of course, and couldn't manage to fold my fitted sheet. Mom suggested you can teach me when you come home after three months of laundry duty and making your bed. It's too funny to think of you making your bed. You're going to be so happy when you get to sleep on the recliner for seventeen days. Speaking of which, mom and I were talking about how we're going to have to shop for clothes to bring to graduation. What else will you wear for the weekend at the beach? I can't begin to imagine you twenty pounds heavier, with a bald head.

But it's not far, now. (I've even started looking for a dress to wear) We're past half way - only forty-four days until graduation. I'm not sure what I'm looking forward to more.. a weekend at the beach or seeing you. (Kidding, calm down... What I'm not looking forward to, though? An eight hour car ride with Dad. And Aiden. And Mom's radio choices.) Then again, I dreamt the other night that I wrestled you at graduation for not writing me more letters. You should probably consider it. Then again, I don't write you every day but, life is boring here. Your tales of tear gas and sand fleas definitely overpower mine of boring college classes and doctors appointments. Well, speaking of class, I suppose I should go teach myself statistics or at least manage to punch holes in my papers from my classes.

Love & miss you, always.

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