Thursday, March 10, 2011

Det Goda Livet

Despite the tiny-sized coughs and whimpers coming from a sick five-year old, life is good here at the Lake house errr, hotel suite. Spring break is in full swing and is quickly coming to a close. (The closing part.. not part of the good life.) Spring break has meant a busy, full, week and better yet, a good one.

Spring break finds friends from near and far home from school, friends I don't get to see often. Luckily being at home means that I get multiple weeks of enjoying my friends, not one like most students. (I'm really looking forward to Mark and Steph being home next week and when I say really, I really mean, REALLY. You know? But in the meantime, having Ryan & Nikki has been fabulous.)

Spring break also means time to trips to see Kasey (two in one week?!) and mini-road-trips to King of Prussia and back. Nothing could have prepared me for the fabulousness of either, let alone both in one day.

Tuesdays are great. Tuesdays mean sleeping in and only having to attend Business Law class - my FAVORITE. (Really! No sarcasm here.) This Tuesday meant Tom finally joining me to meet Kase. (and Stacey and Yoda, of course).

As I debate moving out on my own, I debate what time of puppy I will get. I refuse to move out unless a puppy is involved though lord knows I haven't cleaned Delilah's cage since... err well.. You get the picture.

Kasey, our local 11-year-old dog expert, has been the greatest help. I've got great demands - small, quiet, hypoallergenic (yet fluffy) and of course, cute. This meant our visit was filled with giving Yoda treats and scanning Kase's collection of doggy books and encyclopedia for the best and brightest options for my apartment.. and laughing at the ugly not-so-cute-and-kinda-goofy-looking pups we found.

In addition to calling herself a dog expert, Kase can also call herself a fashionista. Honeslty, if I had half her fashion sense, I'd be ecstatic. I love that she's feeling good enough to put on her fabulous outfits and even more fabulous jewelry. And well, I love that she's been doing so well as she pushes through with chemo. (You rock, Kase. Always.)

Kasey has also managed to obtain quite a collection of silly bandz throughout her treatment. And unlike most fifth graders, she took the time to color organize them. Too bad Tom added more, throwing off the order but what's cooler than an "FTK" silly band anyway?

You can finally order your own online by clicking here. Remember, THON season never stops.

(I'd like to take a moment here to apologize for the overabundance of paranthesis and to say that it's ever so difficult to write a blog with a clingy, feverish, whimpering five-year old tugging your left arm in an attempt to convince you to take photos with him on Photo Booth..... Note: don't introduce kindergardeners to Photo Booth. Big regret on that one..)

In the meantime, Tom managed to get "The Future Freaks Me Out" by Motion City Soundtrack stuck in my head.. so, welcome the song to my little blog home, here.

(Now there's a pillow in my lap, topped with a little blond head... and I'm realized it's a bit of a stretch to the keyboard...)

But time with Kasey is always cut short by my never ending to-do list. This week it happened to be a trip to Ikea. (Hence the Swedish title above.) Better yet - my first trip to the Ikea store.

I was blown away with every show room, especially the closets. And some day, I will have an Ikea kitchen. And we couldn't complain about having the store almost all to ourselves. Apparently, tuesday afternoons aren't a busy time - who would've imagined? But it meant that we took plenty of time to enjoy every bed, couch and chair we could find and in Ikea.. well, there are plenty.

And yes, I do wear jeggings and Easy Tone sneakers together and I enjoy it. 

Ryan may have enjoyed the furniture a little more than I did as I stumbled from room to room, measuring furniture, scratching down bin numbers and snapping photos of my silly boyfriend.

While it makes sense that each room is filled with Ikea products wether they be mirrors, art work, tables, chairs or beds, I was amazed that every book shelf was stocked full and each room had its own flat screen TV (and sometimes even an xbox?!). Of course, all books were written in Swedish but one happened to catch my eye.. Authored by Hugh Laurie? THE Hugh Laurie? I don't think he's Swedish but we still got a laugh out of it.

I spy with my little eye, a not-so-nice word..
All in all, it was a successful trip. I found everything on my list (and then some). Luckily for me, Ikea is found of the color orange too and I found lots of fun compliments for my burnt orange and green decor. Besides, the dressing table I drove to Conshohoken, PA (Pronunciation please?) for was on sale for $50 off the online ticketed price - score! We loaded our cart full in the Marketplace and after getting Ryan to stop riding the furniture flat cart, we loaded that too.

Somehow, we managed to make it through Self-Serve checkout without a hitch.. meaning that we only spoke to two store associates our entire trip.. the cashier for food and a lady we bumped into in the kitchen table department. And then, by some miracle, we managed to get the oversized table into the backseat of my car and we waved goodbye to the blue and yellow warehouse.

Unfortunately, going home included a few wrong turns and doubling the time it should've taken from point A to point B but luckily I had good company and good music.

Those are the things Spring Break is made of - good company and good music.

Ah, the good life. 
Or as they might say at Ikea? Det Goda Livet.

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