Monday, December 10, 2012

Portraits | Eddie & Amanda

Despite the eight degree weather, we ventured out for Christmas portraits this weekend. Since the beginning of my weekend was spent finishing a 51 page paper, the cold air felt like a nice break.. at least for the first few minutes.This beautiful stream location is just minutes from our house, on the premises of an all but abandoned airport. Trevor and I used this location for some of our own Christmas photos and thought that it would be great for this session, though I always get nervous - nervous that a plane will try to land on the runway while I'm photographing a happy couple, or perhaps worse, the Anaconda police will arrest me for being there. Can you tell I worry a lot?

Luckily Eddie and Amanda were brave enough to come out in the less than desirable weather and even managed to walk on thin ice for their photos, quite literally. While we hoped to get a photo of everyone together, it was a bit cold for the pups and we all know that some dogs are simply camera shy. But can we just stop for a moment to talk about how cute that Pomeranian is? And Jagger? He's 15, and the snow didn't slow him down a bit.

The holidays are quickly approaching. Our own Christmas cards were sent out this week but if you've procrastinated, there's still time to have photos taken for your own cards - but you'll have to act soon. Our countdown has been hit or miss with closed coffee shops, and rainy days but we're hoping to get more into the spirit soon. Trevor starts a new job tomorrow, and I start new classes - the last of my undergraduate career - next week so it seems as though the rest of December is going to fly by. 

So tell me, what have you been doing to get ready for the big holiday?

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  1. "awe'some pictures. I love how her eyes glow in the second photo. Way to go.