Sunday, August 28, 2011

I want to swim away but don't know how.

I've been overdosing on this song, and the Blue October, all week. With rain puddles and blown tree branches scattering my neighborhood as a result of Hurricane Irene, it just feels appropriate.

It seems that every post I write begins with an apology.. an apology for my lack of time spent in this little space. Today is no different. It's not that I lack things to say but rather the time in which to write them down.

August, as usual, has been filled to the brim. Filled with working three jobs, making trips, photographing events (look for a post about 2011 Golfing for Smiles soon!) and friends, sibling sleepovers, spending time with the best of friends and dreading tomorrow. (The first day of classes at a new school.) Despite it's long work weeks and too short of weekends, August has treated me well. Here are a few things I've been loving this month, brought to you by Instagram:

A new haircut. 
Because there is nothing I love more than my outdated bangs.

A photo wall update.
I'm terrible about hanging my own photography in my apartment. This picture hanger from IKEA makes it a little easier to keep updated photos of family & friends around. But I'm debating on buying these fabulous fotoclips from photojojo! and investing in today's Groupon for a gallery wrapped canvas. (Have I mentioned how much I love Groupon?)

My job.
Last week, I spent a day on Codorus Lake. I'm lucky enough to say that my eight hour work day was spent on a pontoon boat on a lake in sunny weather. I've got a nice tan on my thighs (and only my thighs) to prove it. There is nothing better than swimming in a lake on a nice day except perhaps if you get to call that your work for the day.

Painting tiny toes.
Somehow I managed to spend my last two weeks of summer vacation working three jobs, including babysitting my girls. Before, the girls had no patience for nail polish. In two weeks, I've painted their nails four times. They're big fans of crackle nail polish, crazy patterns and not sitting still. 

via Glamour Magazine; Nike Advertisement
The gym.
I've always enjoying working out and running but between my asthma and the twenty minute drive to the gym, it was never convenient. With Planet Fitness only five minutes from my apartment, I've found the time to go to the gym almost every day. I love that I can get my workout, listen to some great music, and catch up on the Kardashians at the same time. It's quickly become my favorite part of the day.

My iPod.
After a mishap with my iPhone and a treadmill at the gym, I decided it was a good idea to invest in another music listening device. While I have a hand-me-down iPod nano that I love, my musical tastes had outgrown it's tiny memory. My 160GB iPod Classic is already over half full with 15,832 songs. I love never having to hear the same song twice, especially since my iPod goes everywhere with me lately.

Grande & Poquito.
Last weekend was the 65th Annual Wellsville Carnival and this year, I actually managed to make it there. While I almost cried at the news that the Chicken Corn Soup contained wheat noodles, it was a good time. Though I did leave with soup for friends, I also left with two goldfish. While Grande is no longer with us (I'm terrible with fish), Poquito is doing just swimmingly. 

Oregon Chai.
It's no suprise to anyone here that I love chai lattes. A few weeks ago, I found Oregon Chai concentrate tucked in the organic aisle of Giant. While I love Tazo Chai, Orgeon will always hold the number 1 spot for me. Every morning, I start off my day with this little bit of heaven. Yum. It's made like 6:30 mornings a bit easier.

Summer staples: turkey burgers, homegrown watermelon, UTZ medley chips & Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry
It wouldn't be much of an exaggeration to say that this is all I've eaten for weeks. Turkey burgers are delicious and so easy to make, thanks to my friend George Foreman. I'm also really lucky to have a family that grows a lot of produces and always finds the time to make sure that I get some. This watermelon is perhaps the best I've ever had, really. And the carolina gold tomato on my sandwich? Ah. So. Good.

Photography work.
While I haven't been shooting as much I would like to be, I've been shooting a lot. And when I'm not, I've been fulfilling print orders, packaging photos for clients and brainstorming bigger and better ideas. I promise that I really have picked up a real camera this month, I just am in the process of editing 400+ frames of film at the moment so Instagram is sort of my "easy button" so to speak.

Sibling sleepovers.
I've been missing my little brother more than anyone could imagine. I feel like he's grown up so much since I've moved out... he's even on facebook now. This week, I made sure to get some quality time with him when he came for a sleepover. We ate Klondike bars for dinner, watched silly movies and went to the Blue Heron for his favorite lunch - chocolate mousse.

While I'm not loving the "goodbye" part of things, I loved getting to spend an evening with two of my best friends. I also loved having dinner guests and playing the first game of Apples to Apples in my apartment. Supposedly the cards you win are to describe you. Creepy? Visionary? Cosmopolitan? What do you think?

Barnacle Blue Backpack.
After my purple polka-dotted Jansport was ruined in the fire, I was devestated. As I began school shopping, I was disheartened by all the childish and stuffy backpacks I looked at. Instead, I ordered this backpack by Jansport in my favorite color of the moment - Barnacle Blue. While I'm not looking forward to class (or a new school), not the least bit, I'm excited about my turquoise & suede bag.

Perhaps this gives you a little glimpse into the past two weeks for me, but if you're looking for more, I hope to be around much more as work slows down and school begins again. I have a lot to share with you. (And a lot of photography, too!)


  1. And here I thought the high light of you summer was joining the Pink Helmet Club!

  2. This is random, but...I found your blog when I was searching for "foto clips". I just bought a box and so far I am really loving them! I am not a fan of measuring to keep pictures even, but having these helps me avoid some of that. Curious as to whether you've tried them yet and how you've liked them!

    1. I haven’t yet but I just moved to a new home and so far, no pictures have made it to the wall! I love the idea and it’s great to hear a good review, I may just have to order a box!

  3. Hi! Is there any chance that that Barnacle blue Jansport bag is still available anywhere? I can't find one :(

    1. I haven't seen it online anywhere recently but I'm loving the Aqua Dash color version! So sorry. Unfortunately, mine just got ruined on a traveling trip so I don't have one any longer, either!